Wednesday, 3 October 2012


My husband got a new toy today - and he seems super happy with it. It's a play-along guitar game on the PS3.
He plays the actual guitar really well and has always been a bit sniffy about games like Guitar Hero.


But Rocksmith uses an electric guitar or bass as a controller. It comes with an adapter or something that lets you plug the guitar into the Playstation.
As he has taken his beloved Ibanez to pieces in order to repaint it (he still has to do a final paint coat and then lacquer it and then not touch it for four weeks), he is using his bass instead.
He got me to have a wee go, but my fingernails are a bit delicate (I broke one making the bed this morning) so I opted out very quickly (also, looking at the screen and not at the fret board was too difficult - I can't even look at the screen while I'm typing).
He seems to be having fun, but it's now 10:40 at night, so I may have to be a party pooper and get him to watch some more Breaking Bad with me....

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Brian White said...

You can plug *actual* guitars into a game??

All colours of awesome!