Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A list of some of what we've Done as at Oct 2012

I have:
  • Completed three papers at Aoraki Polytechnic (Accounting Principles - A; Business Communication - A; Business Computing - A+).
  • Starting following UFYH on tumblr (warning- very sweary language).
  • ^ Have made my bed EVERY DAY since.
  • Had more panic attacks.
  • Started counselling with a therapist who insisted that there must be some repressed traumatic childhood event causing my anxiety (there isn't - my memory is terrible, but not that terrible).
  • Stop seeing that therapist after two sessions because the thought of talking to her again set off another panic attack.
  • Finally bought myself a "commercially made" BJD - Xiaowei from Impldoll
  • Fixed a dead PS3
  • tentatively started my own business
  • Watched The Avengers multiple times
The Husband:
  • Got a job within a week of moving here
  • Had his PS3 die
  • drove me to night classes
  • built a new gaming cockpit for racing games
  • is currently repainting his guitar
The Sprog
  • Started her new school
  • made screeds of new friends
  • watched Brave
  • watched The Avengers
  • watched The Hunger Games over & over & over
  • is insisting that I find a local archery club

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