Monday, 8 October 2012

I missed a day

Actually yesterday, but for some reason Saturdays post says it was published on Sunday, so Saturday is the day I missed?


So, today's been a bit odd. But odd days are OK sometimes.
And I have a job interview on Wednesday - it's only for one day a week and if I get it we won't actually be any better off cash-wise (because it'll take me over the earning threshold with my Student Allowance), but as we're looking at buying a house next year, and a measly one-day-a-week job will mean the bank will lend us up to $50000 more. Which would be good.

And it will get me out of the house meeting people, and it's a great excuse to get a long-over-due haircut (which I'll still have even if I don't get the job).

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Feeling lazy tonight...

... So here's some "box opening" photos of my Impldoll Xiaowei, who arrived in July.

Friday, 5 October 2012

1:12 scale BJD

During my 100th post, I posted this "sneak peek":

By the end of February, this is what he looked like:

And here he is as a physical printed model from Shapeways:

My business blog Garmonsway Design has a wee run down of my progress in getting him ready to mould and cast in resin.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


My husband got a new toy today - and he seems super happy with it. It's a play-along guitar game on the PS3.
He plays the actual guitar really well and has always been a bit sniffy about games like Guitar Hero.


But Rocksmith uses an electric guitar or bass as a controller. It comes with an adapter or something that lets you plug the guitar into the Playstation.
As he has taken his beloved Ibanez to pieces in order to repaint it (he still has to do a final paint coat and then lacquer it and then not touch it for four weeks), he is using his bass instead.
He got me to have a wee go, but my fingernails are a bit delicate (I broke one making the bed this morning) so I opted out very quickly (also, looking at the screen and not at the fret board was too difficult - I can't even look at the screen while I'm typing).
He seems to be having fun, but it's now 10:40 at night, so I may have to be a party pooper and get him to watch some more Breaking Bad with me....

A list of some of what we've Done as at Oct 2012

I have:
  • Completed three papers at Aoraki Polytechnic (Accounting Principles - A; Business Communication - A; Business Computing - A+).
  • Starting following UFYH on tumblr (warning- very sweary language).
  • ^ Have made my bed EVERY DAY since.
  • Had more panic attacks.
  • Started counselling with a therapist who insisted that there must be some repressed traumatic childhood event causing my anxiety (there isn't - my memory is terrible, but not that terrible).
  • Stop seeing that therapist after two sessions because the thought of talking to her again set off another panic attack.
  • Finally bought myself a "commercially made" BJD - Xiaowei from Impldoll
  • Fixed a dead PS3
  • tentatively started my own business
  • Watched The Avengers multiple times
The Husband:
  • Got a job within a week of moving here
  • Had his PS3 die
  • drove me to night classes
  • built a new gaming cockpit for racing games
  • is currently repainting his guitar
The Sprog
  • Started her new school
  • made screeds of new friends
  • watched Brave
  • watched The Avengers
  • watched The Hunger Games over & over & over
  • is insisting that I find a local archery club

Monday, 1 October 2012



Ah, my poor wee neglected blog...

Ahem... the object of Blogtoberfest is to blog every day during the month of October - simple right?
Well, I managed to arse it up last year - after getting off to a roaring start, I petered out after a couple of weeks.
This year  - I'm going to attempt to not only blog every day - but I've also signed my new blog up for it too - Most of my arty stuff will be over there, and any possible doll related potential giveaway might possibly be over there too. Maybe. At some point.