Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Well over a year ago I started on this doll:

I got quite far - but didn't blog about her because she was frustrating me. And she ended up in my UFO* box. 

I was shifting stuff around just prior to the weekend, came across her, and decided that I could cope with working on this doll again.

The head is newly sculpted (over the long weekend) - and has a face-plate. (Meaning that the face can be removed/replaced without having to detach the head.)

She needs one arm and one leg to be jointed, and one elbow joint & both knees to be sculpted. And hands and feet.

I did make her some before she went into the box, but can't find them.
Meh - I'll just have to make more (I quite like sculpting hands!).

She can sit unsupported (and she's strung very loosely), so hopefully it won't be too much of a challenge to get her to stand.
It's nice to have something that doesn't require me to be careful and clean as a kind of "stress relief" while working on the OOAK's.

* UFO = Un-Finished Objects

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