Monday, 30 November 2009

New Doll in the works!

One of my regular 'sanity' doodle subjects resembles fashion sketches - I stretch & exaggerate the female form for it. I have a tendency to draw teeny upper bodies with larger hips - more a spinning top shape than an hourglass...

Studies from a book on fashion (don't remember the name)

I like swoopy lines :)

Fashion doll themselves?

Well, I have a soft spot for Barbie. She was the favoured toy of my youth (a bit of nail polish remover and some acrylic paint + a barbie head = hours of fun). But I see why Barbie is mentioned whenever body image for girls is discussed. Her figure is unattainable BUT it's close enough that at a glance it could be mistaken for a 'correctly' proportioned body.

The Bratz dolls?
The clothing & the expressions painted on them are more worrying than the dolls themselves. The Bratz doll proportions are so exaggerated that it's easy for kids to recognise that they are caricatures.

Both of the smaller dolls I've sculpted were done to fit Barbie (the imp) and Bratz (the littler one) clothing.

The head on the imp is the same size as the Bratz doll, the other one has a Barbie sized head...
There's substantial height discrepancies...

I think a "fashion doll" - if the idea is that the doll should look like a fashion sketch, which only have figures in them because floating dresses would look bloody stupid - a doll with unachievable, elongated limbs, should be obviously exaggerated. So I'm going to make one.
I sold a marker sketch recently of a teddy girl with a cybernetic arm. I'm going to make her.
I don't have a copy of the sketch - so last night I did a rough, from memory, concept drawing.

She will have quite distorted anatomy + long legs.

The Sprog was delighted with this drawing - "she's got a small body like me - and a BIG BUM like you, Mummy!"

Ah, the delights of having children...

Plans drawn up - with old, half sculpted head and Barbie for scale...

I'm starting with the legs for this one - I currently have two .... things ... that kinda look like those over sized sticks for large drums...

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