Saturday, 20 February 2010

Adventures in Kingsland...

Crafternoon Tea was today. I had a quiet(ish) day - I talked to a lot of people about my dolls - but it was the ATC's the were selling. I'll need to make some more of them for next time.

The Crafters in Auckland are a lovely bunch - so it was great to catch up & see some friendly faces.

The beautiful Vanessa from Bitsy Frog purchased a pair of eyes from me last month - and she had made the most amazing tentacley pendant around one! So cool! I, of course, was not together enough to get a photo of it...
Incidently - the Sprog can't get enoght of Vanessa's tiny foodstuffs - so I bought her a teensy blueberry pie...

Next door to the hall that Crafternoon Tea is held in is fashion designer Jane Rhodes - she designed the outfit for the Jan Maclean doll Ruby in 2007.

And the doll is in a case in the middle of her showroom!

She very graciously let me take photos & fangirl up her boutique.

So, while the day wasn't brillant in terms of monies flowing into my pocket, it was fantastic in terms of 'Brand building', exposure, and I got to spend the day surrounded by skilled, lovely people AND then got to geek out over a beautiful doll.

This is what good days are made of.

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Jo Ashcroft said...

It was lovely to meet you today and find out about your lovely dolls. They really are stunning!