Monday, 8 October 2012

I missed a day

Actually yesterday, but for some reason Saturdays post says it was published on Sunday, so Saturday is the day I missed?


So, today's been a bit odd. But odd days are OK sometimes.
And I have a job interview on Wednesday - it's only for one day a week and if I get it we won't actually be any better off cash-wise (because it'll take me over the earning threshold with my Student Allowance), but as we're looking at buying a house next year, and a measly one-day-a-week job will mean the bank will lend us up to $50000 more. Which would be good.

And it will get me out of the house meeting people, and it's a great excuse to get a long-over-due haircut (which I'll still have even if I don't get the job).

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Larissa said...

Good luck for your interview!