Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My vinyl girls

Part of the reason that I make dolls is that I love, but can't afford to buy lots of, them.
I do however have a motley crew of Barbies, other fashion dolls, and assorted bits/bobs.

I love the interchangeable head system on the
new Fashionista Barbies

Going bald...

When the My Scene Barbies first were released, I got one of each. I love the cartooniness of their features, and the fact that their heads are a bit bigger. When the Sprog was about 3 these dolls got assimilated into her dolls, and they are now looking decidedly worse for wear.
Oh well. :)

Lexi - a Moxie Teenz doll - I'd been pressing my nose against a window with these dolls for almost a year before I got one for my birthday. I love her. I think she looks better without the wig.

sans wig
Holly Hobbie!
She has a hilarious smile.
And my Jan Mclean Dolls - a cheapie Lollipop Girl and the gorgeous Amelia, who was. not. cheap.
Amelia was the spark that sent me away from cloth dolls, and back to polymerclay and resin.

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