Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I've been struck by a foxy bug recently - and it seems I'm seeing them everywhere I go online at the moment.

I decided that the fact I see a fox online almost everyday without searching for them meant that I should make a fox-themed doll, so I've done some concepts for, and have started sculpting, a doll who is going to be a Kitsune - a fox spirit.

Multiple tails on the coat? What was I thinking?!?

Playing around with Kitsune and Masquerade mask forms.

"If I stand like this, no-one will notice how crappily  my feet are drawn."

Initial Sketch of doll with joints and junk.

But then, while researching for my doll, I came across this image of a tattoo by artist Zach Spurlock:

So freaking cool
Now, I've been contemplating getting a half-sleeve tattoo for a while now, but had been stuck on the content. I knew I wanted a traditional Irezumi style design (my father is a tattooist - and this is the style of his half-sleeves) and thought I'd get a horse (I was born in the year of the horse) or a dragon (because, Dragon).
And the idea of getting a nine-tailed fox has stuck. Every time I sit down with the intention to do some concept sketches for my tattoo, I end up drawing foxes.

urgh - those back legs!

Screw it - I'll just draw clouds or something ;D
The red pencil sketch is my favourite so far.
I'm going to nerd it up a bit - I'm an Animation Tutor as the Day Job, so the fox's tails will be enacting an animation technique called the Wave Principle. I might put an antique key in it's mouth or around it's neck (because Key poses, geddit?). 

One reason why a fox tattoo is appropriate for an animator...
And The Fox and The Hound is one of the first movies I remember seeing as a kid, so yeah. I toyed around with the idea of just getting a tattoo of Todd, but no, I'd rather get the traditional style rather than a cartoony one. 

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Rhiannon said...

I so can't wait to see your half sleeve all finished lady! And yes foxes are awesome; to the point where the obsession is beginning to rub off on me hehe.