Friday, 13 August 2010

Guybrush Progress

The last couple of nights have been spent on this.

Dismantled, sketched-on Munny

After this step I heated the head in near boiling water for five minutes, so the vinyl was soft. I cut the eye-sockets out and glued them back in backwards - so that I'd have a concave area on the face to place the eyes as far back as this character needs. (I, of course, forgot to take a photo of it.)

Blocking in.

Just regular ol' Super-Sculpey here (and by "ol'", I mean old; this clay was an unbaked, reject squashed sculpt from at least three years ago. I cut off the grubby clay...).
I've used some liquid clay as insurance - I've read that poly-clay bonds well to vinyl, but wanted to make sure of it.

After first baking.

I was quite impressed with how firmly "stuck on" the poly-clay is after baking.
And I've started scraping it down. I want a smooth surface - so once he's painted it will be hard to tell which bits are hand-done.
There are some irregular parts around his brow - and the cheek on the left needs to be filled out a little by the nose. I'll be filling in a bit tomorrow - then more scraping, then I'll tackle the hair.
Which will need scraped and filled and scraped again - then the whole thing will need sanded.

I hate sanding...

Now I'm going to bed.
I'd promised myself an early night, but instead have stayed up 'til almost half Eleven working on this thing.

Oh well. Sleep in tomorrow!

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