Sunday, 21 March 2010

A plea for help!

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and my mother was stumped for what to get me - and I'm apparently "no help". So she sent me some money (which she thinks is a boring gift - but I think is awesome!) with firm instructions to spend it on myself this time...

I hopped on ebay and bought this:

She's a Korean doll called 'Berry' by Hujoo. (the seller is Junky Spot - and this arrived in under ten days from America - awesome service!)

(Side rant - According to a BJD forum I belong to, this doll apparently doesn't qualify as a proper ball jointed doll because she doesn't meet the aesthetic guidelines of an Asian Ball Jointed Doll.
Uuuuum - she's
ball jointed, strung with elastic, customisable, made in Asia and has very Asian features - how is that not meeting the aesthetics?
It's probably because she's made of cheapish ABS plastic, and not fancy-pants polyurethane resin...)

Anyway, I wanted her so I could have a closer look at a commercially produced doll's joints and she was within my budget. I wasn't intending to paint or dress her - I just wanted to take her apart and check out her knees work and stuff...

This and the top photo were taken by the Sprog - who is far too interested in this doll for my liking...

But now I have her - I am compelled to complete her - she has such a cute wee personality even without a face - and did I mention I'm going mad?!?

I've prepped her for customising - sanded off her seams, trimmed her eyes and coated the head with three layers of sealant, but now I'm stumped - she needs a face & a wig & a costume & (gods help me) a name! And I can't make up my freaking mind.

So - does anyone have any ideas?

(and thanks for the awesome birthday gift Mum! Love Ya!)

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Sharon's Place said...

great minds think alike LOL... I've been meaning to do the same, shame we have to import them to nz, would be nice to have these dolls here!
Sharon 2