Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Bradley Doll...

A couple of years ago - I fell in love with this Bradley Doll, which I then scored for about $4 on Trademe.

Bradley Dolls were cheaply produced figures, made in Korea, Japan and later China. They started production in 1954 - and stopped roughly 30 years later. They're made from polystyrene and stockinette and worth approximately $zilch...

She was a bit worse-for-wear (read: falling-to-bits) and I gently put her in a box and forgot about her.

She re-surfaced when I moved all my crafting thingies two weeks ago.

I'm 'restoring' her (read: pulling her to pieces - and cleaning, repairing, repainting, and re-costuming).

So far I've
* cleaned the polystyrene base
* re-skinned her (with fresh pantihose)
* Sewn underpants, a crinoline, and ruffled skirt
* remade her arms - after bleaching the cotton stuffing (which was so discoloured, it looked like cardboard...urgh)
* Painted a fresh, new face (in the same style - but different colours)
* begun to re-wig her (this is the trickiest bit!)

SO much fun.

I should get her finished tomorrow or the following day...

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Cat and Bee said...

THIS IS SO AWESOME!! Can't wait to see the finished one =)