Friday, 26 June 2009

In addition to being an incurable geek and serial crafter, I'm also a DeathFat TM and a lurker around various FA (Fat Acceptance) blogs.
So I was delighted when I found this - co-authored by two very smart ladies that I greatly admire (I wouldn't follow their blogs otherwise) - when I was on my lunch break today- on sale no less....


In a nice bit of synchronicity - I doodled this while waiting for a meeting to begin this very morning:

I enjoy drawing fat women. I love the way that the shapes flow together - but are clearly delinated. I love drawing big, swooping curves. It's become one of my strategies for 'self-love' *

I struggled with my weight and the associated self loathing for a long time - one of the things that helped me begin to get over it was to draw myself (granted, it's a very cutesiefied version of me) and other fat women.

(I've chopped my hair off since this drawing was taken...)

* hur hur**
** Because apparently I'm bit juvenile...

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