Sunday, 10 August 2008

The resin Doll...

Well, I thought I'd taken nekkid photos of the doll, but apparently I hadn't.
I made the clothes that she's wearing in these photos. Sewing makes me even angrier than knitting!
She is now living with the Mother In Law, as a down-payment-bribe for when I get her to start sewing all my doll clothes - so I don't have to.



And here she is, dressed as a fairy (the show's theme was "The Secret Garden" - so I did fairies, because they live in the garden, and are secretive, OK?)


I also entered my second BJD, and this one has a name!

This is Pounamu:


She's small enough to fit into Barbie clothes, and she's about 24cm tall.
And here she is at the doll show (between the teddie & Gollie)


Pounamu took about a fifth of the time to make than the first one, and holds poses better.
I love teh learning of stuff!

I'm gonna sculpt a boy (rather, a MAN! - grr!) next, but prolly not for a wee bit.

I've got a doll's chair to re-upholster first...

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